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Raised in Burlington Massachusetts, John Callahan and twelve other teammates who remained together for six years won four divisional hockey titles, two state hockey titles and one New England championship. John also played organized baseball, swimming, diving, gymnastics, and enjoyed skateboarding and motocross. John remembers in 1978 toting the first Burton Snowboard (the Elite 150) with a buddy to Waterville Valley New Hampshire only to be told to “go away with that crazy thing”. John told the guy that snowboards were the future and the attendant laughed.

John played varsity hockey freshman through  senior year for a prominent Technical High School. He was being scouted senior year, but unfortunately Osgood Schlatter in the knees had other plans for him. After graduating he worked his way up the ranks of a large printing company for eight years while taking courses at night. John immersed himself in books on physiology, nutrition and unconventional exercise methods . Over time he found there was a direct link between the mind and the body.

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Callahan Body Builder
Burlington Hockey Team
Through nine years of discipline, he changed his body from a 160 lb. ectomorph, to a proportioned 250 lb. bodybuilder. This was the beginning of his experience with “focus” and “intention”. He found that he trained very differently than other people in the gym. He used an almost meditative focus on the muscle and found his results outpaced those around him, even his buddies on steroids. It was clear to him that the body can and does respond from more than just the physical and the mind has a direct influence on the body. John learned quickly that the mind is vital to all things related to the body and with nutrition and focus the body heals rapidly.
During this time his curiosity lead him to a wide range of spiritual topics. Although he was raised Catholic, John had an interest in other religions. Reading everything he could get his hands on including but not limited to Buddhism, Hinduism, college psychology, philosophy and physics textbooks, he began to see patterns in human nature. Some he understood, some he did not. Constantly examining his thoughts and actions, he knew there was a silent pattern to the universe and he wanted to learn more. Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Liptonbecame his favorite authors among other’s.
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Quantum mechanics became a hobby and his appetite for reading expanded. The bigger his body became from his unique method of training, the more obvious “to him” was the powerful energy of glamour and how it contributed to narcissism. John was always examining his thoughts and saw how they had a direct effect on his actions. Wanting people to see him for what he was (an intellectual), he scaled down his training to a more moderate level. He also learned the hard way, what intense physical training does to the body over time and found himself in a lot of pain by the age of thirty six. Within four years he learned how to heal his ailments through the power of intention and meditation.

At this time living in Southern California, he worked in production for a leading LA based media company before being chosen as lead consultant and print specialist for the “Toyota Certified Used Car Program”. For 16 months, John planned and executed the National launch on time and $300k under budget. John left Toyota in 1997 to consult for Mercedes Benz on their “Fall in Love” National program which introduced several new models for the then struggling auto maker. The program was a huge success and John moved on to co-found Insight Marketing Group, a boutique ad agency. John handled sales, design, and production for direct mail and promotional print projects. He scaled the company quickly and expanded into radio, TV and Internet marketing. Within its first year of operation, IMG had $8 million in gross sales and was published in Entrepreneur Magazine for being one of the fastest growing small businesses in America, Hot 100.
By 2000 Insight was sold, and John was married with twins on the way. He was recruited by H&R Block to head up marketing for their new mortgage division. Within three months John had reduced the marketing budget by 10% saving Block $600,000 annually. Promoted in less than one year to Assistant Vice President of Marketing, John worked with senior executives at Block to plan and execute a comprehensive branding campaign. He built alliances, initiated permission-based lead generation programs, increased department revenue by 11% and assisted with the deployment of 13 retail branches. John was on the H&R Block Marketing Management Council as well as a Member of the H&RB Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Team.
During his tenure, John was troubled by some of the decisions being made with the mortgage clients’ data and the type of loans being sold. He raised concerns which went on deaf ears so soon after he resigned. Within a year, John pioneered and self funded the worlds first online interactive resume platform but just two weeks prior to receiving $1.5 million in funding 9/11 hit. The world had changed for everyone. John began to help small and mid-size firms optimize their operations and marketing.
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 In 2005 he was consulting for a mortgage company and became compelled to write a book predicting a pending financial crisis and how to avoid it. The book was written in three months and by January 2006 John and his wife had sold the majority of their real estate, downsized and moved the family to Arizona. His book was filled with guidelines on how to avoid the dangers of adjustable rate mortgages as well as pressures of other high ticket item transactions like buying automobiles and real estate. He sent the book to dozens of high profile people including Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Oprah Winfrey, Danny Deutsch of the Big Idea and many others only to be ignored.
John found immense satisfaction in helping people and knew this was his directional pursuit. John found that the big salary, real estate accumulation and expensive cars, had only complicated his life. In fact, it seemed to add to the desire for more possessions which he knew had nothing to do with true happiness. Just after arriving in Arizona, the financial crisis had begun and his book became the genesis of 360 Group which John co-founded and from 2008 to 2014 he and his partner helped homeowners mitigate negative equity during the real estate and financial crisis. John developed a Forensic Portfolio Review process enabling the company to match the banks ever-changing guidelines with qualified homeowners achieving a high success rate for his clients. He coached clients on fiscal responsibility and gave them a proven road-map to reduce and ultimately eliminate debt. Those who followed the plan became debt free, while others just went back to overspending.
In 2010 John’s second book was titled Finding Bliss in a complex world and put into writing everything he had learned about the lure of technology, possessions, debt, and the ever increasing epidemic of Anxiety and over prescribing of prescription medications in America​. This lead to his “early research” into plant based health and the study of Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich materials and their ability to help a wide range of conditions. CBD oil or more commonly known as Cannabidiol is quickly becoming known for its many benefits and John is passionate about nutrition, meditation and natural healing!  John founded azWHOLEistic to help people educate themselves about plant based healing and has opened 4 retail holistic studio’s and several more on the way for 2019. John’s retail CBD Studio’s educate people about natural phyto-nutrients, and stress-reduction and detoxification methods.
John is also available to speak on many health related topics and is a featured speaker at the Healthy Brain Expo in North Scottsdale Arizona. If you are experiencing pain, anxiety or depression, John can help guide you back to a path of balance and fulfillment.