Plant Stem Cells

Most Americans are familiar with Cannabis and CBD products as they have helped people with pain and anxiety. Still there are millions of people who DO NOT WANT THC or any risk of being drug tested or DO NOT want to be high as it diminishes brain function. Phyto-Nutrient Stem Cells (PhyNuCell) is the answer for those who either cannot afford the high cost of CBD or do not want to risk testing for THC. Plant based Stem Cell Products are very similar in their chemical make up as these plants help to assist the human body with repair.

Plant stem cells are innately undifferentiated cells located in the meristems of plants. Plant stem cells serve as the origin of plant vitality, as they maintain themselves while providing a steady supply of precursor cells to form differentiated tissues and organs in plants.


Our most popular CBD Topicals now come with Meristematic Plant Stem Cells for even more healing benefits. Plant stem cells have shown a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect to humans, helping to protect skin against sun damage and prevent wrinkles, according to dermatologists. There is also evidence that Plant stem cells can promote the production of new collagen, which can also make your skin appear more youthful.  Phyto-Nutrient Plant Stem Cells are the future of natural organic healing.

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Plant Based Stem Cell Products

Meristems of plants are the ones that are used in stem cell therapy in humans. These Meristematic plants have the property of differentiation and this is vital to cellular healing. The human protoplasm is plant based so it is vital for the human body to take in (both from eating as well as applying to the skin) phyto nutrients in many forms. As our cells slowly oxidate it is vital to feed them the proper quality nutrients to assist their ability to repair which keeps us balanced. Remember the skin is the largest organ of the body, so what you put on your skin, does end up in the blood stream.

Stem Cell Products for Inflammation?

Plant stem cells also known as Stem-Kine have been used by humans who were being treated for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Arthritis is a degenerative disease caused by free radicals which is the “oxidation” mentioned above. Constant exposure to radicals damages the membranes of cells throughout the body. Free radicals attack the synovial fluid in the joints resulting in bones rubbing against each other. By consuming the plant stem cells, the “native stem cells” of the sufferer can differentiate and help produce the synovial fluid needed for repair.


We’ve improved our top selling CBD topicals by adding our proprietary blend of Plant Stem Cells to the all natural ingredients of our most propular products.