Gold Standard 350mg CBD Hemp Stix Cones 75mg Ea. 5-Pack – Lifter

$30.00 $20.00

Hemp Stix Cones CBD pre-rolls help promote pain-relief, stress-relief, anti-anxiety, relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Hemp Stix are handmade with passion in Oregon with organically grown hemp flower, unbleached paper, and biodegradable filters. This product was bio-engineered to be earth-friendly.

  • Less than .3% THC
  • Hemp Stix Cone
  • Lifter Strain
  • 350mg Per Pack
  • 75mg of CBD per Stick
  • Resealable Container
  • 100% Organically Grown
  • Biodegradable Filter
  • Non-GMO, All-Natural
  • Unbleached, Unrefined Paper
  • Vegan!
  • Eco-friendly

This is the only product that we sell that DOES contain a small % of THC. DO NOT use if you are drug tested for THC.  Even in small amounts, THC can build up in the blood stream.  Not suitable for minors. Must be of legal age to purchase.  This product is compliant with the Farm Bill Act of 2018 and is derived from lawful, industrial hemp and <.3% THC.

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