Self Healing

Self Healing is possible!  Within our curriculum, there is a rich intellectual harvest of unique information that will change your entire perception of the world. Once you see how your body is influenced by powerful “attractor patterns” you will understand what causes illness and how to avoid it.  We educate people with simple proven techniques that have a direct and positive effect on their biology and immune system. This information has been available for decades and can be found within every culture of the World.

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How are we special?

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Start Here by Understanding the Basics




Select an energy emotion from the drop down to learn about its corresponding life view. KEEP IN MIND the way these energy levels express themselves are profound and far reaching. In the drop down below, all levels below “courage” are destructive of life both to the individual and society. In contrast all levels above “courage” are supportive of life and engage the healing energies of the immune system.

BE AWARE that a person may “operate” at a given “level” in one part of their life and different “level” in another area of life. The work life may force them to do things they may not be comfortable with or proud of, but they do it for the paycheck. Then they go home and are loving and more honorable to the family.


[dropdown] [dropdown-option]Select One…[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”shame″]SHAME[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”guilt″]GUILT[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”apathy″]APATHY[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”grief″]GRIEF[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”fear″]FEAR[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”desire″]DESIRE[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”anger″]ANGER[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”pride″]PRIDE[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”courage″]COURAGE[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”neutrality″]NEUTRALITY[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”willingness″]WILLINGNESS[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”acceptance″]ACCEPTANCE[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”reason″]REASON[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”love″]LOVE[/dropdown-option] [dropdown-option value=”joy″]JOY[/dropdown-option]     [/dropdown]
[dropdown-content value=”shame″]


Primary Emotion: Humiliation
Process / Action: Elimination
Life View: Miserable. We all have experience being discredited, losing face, and feeling bad about something. In Shame people hang their heads and feel cut off from the world. Early life experiences of trauma can lead to shame. Shame as Freud determined causes neurosis and makes one prone to physical illness. Shame can lead to cruelty to animals as well as others. Because it pulls down the whole level of personality, shame makes the person vulnerable to the other lower emotions.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”guilt″]


Primary Emotion: Blame
Process / Action: Destruction
Life View: Evil. Commonly used in our society to manipulate and punish, guilt makes people sick. Remorse, self-incrimination and victim-hood is a drain to the human immune system. Guilt can cause psychosomatic disease. Some people struggle with guilt their entire lives. Guilt can cause a preoccupation to bad decisions as if to sabotage any positive energy. Guilt can provoke rage. Capital punishment is one example as to how killing gratifies an unforgiving guilty populous. Getting even does nothing to put the body in a state of healing.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”courage″]


Primary Emotion: Affirmation
Process / Action: Empowerment
Life View: Feasible. This is the beginning of significant change and enables the person to advance very quickly due to the field being aligned with POWER. They can shed illnesses quickly and heal very fast. They become affirmed with the knowledge that they are capable of all things and are more open to learning new things. As this person opens their mind, they are exposed to more life fulfilling thoughts and actions and they are typically kind to others and enjoy helping people. They are not paralyzed by fear and they learn and grow quickly and gravitate to life supportive tasks and more spiritual reading.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”neutrality″]


Primary Emotion: Trust
Process / Action: Release
Life View: Satisfaction. In this state the person is “open” to new things and has a clear desire to want to learn and expand his/her mind. They are trusting and can also be trusted. They think about, and live through values, and are considerate of others when making decisions. They use their blinker and let people go in from of them without frustration. They are also typically healthy and rarely get sick. It is a powerful level and typically this is where people begin to understand the non-linear domain. The unseen energy that governs the universe. Some brilliant minds will reach the level of reason, and never get past “reason” due to the minds resistance to move beyond the laboratory. Some scientists can never believe what they cannot see in the lab and this was Einstein’s dilemma. He was brilliant but could not completely believe in the spiritual will and divinity.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”willingness″]


Primary Emotion: Optimism
Process / Action: Intention
Life View: Hopeful. People who calibrate in this range are always seeing the glass half full and even when things don’t go right, they are able to learn from it. They too are healthy and rarely sick. They see the world as an opportunity to learn and use what they learn to move the world forward. They are not greedy and always include others in their decisions and are team players. They understand the collective is more powerful and can get more done than the self. These are to world movers like Steve Jobs and others who where always creating and wanting to change the world in a positive way.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”acceptance″]


Primary Emotion: Forgiveness
Process / Action: Transcendence
Life View: Harmonious. People in this level are wonderful to be around and they change the energy in a room when they walk in. This level is a powerful energy and people are typically attracted to them do to the field they live within. The attraction is not to their appearance, but to their “essence” i.e. their energy as it influences everything around them. This is the level where many people will begin to seek significant spiritual studies or even take years of their spare time to read about the many religions and grow and learn in a spiritual way, These people are very healthy and rarely see a doctor for any chronic conditions and when sick heal rapidly.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”desire″]


Primary Emotion: Craving
Process / Action: Enslavement
Life View: Disappointment. Still low, but this is the energy pattern where the “majority” of the American population live. Desire controls people’s every thought and choice from how they make money, to what they spend their money on. Desire is very difficult to move past for most people due in part to the overthinking of the human mind. ALWAYS searching for that next fix, like a drug addict seeking the rush of the next high. This energy causes chemical endorphins to flood the brain. If I just had that better JOB, I can be happy. If I just had more money in the bank, I will be happy. There is always another “thing”. Desire will always enslave you with the next need. This is a difficult energy to move beyond and 90% of the time will require focus & intention by engaging the Spiritual Will. Once achieved, your life will become much less complicated and prepares you for more advancement up into PRIDE which comes after.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”anger″]


Primary Emotion: Agitation / Hate
Process / Action: Aggression
Life View: Antagonistic. Still below 200 but this is the energy pattern where many people live due to how they look at the world. Anger can manifest due to what has happened to people in the past. Anger is connected to desire ( not getting the outcome you want ). Anger and frustration can come from many emotions and can even be associated with karmic propensity. For some people who can focus on productive work and steer their anger into work ( MMA fighter etc.), they can accomplish things to rise to the level of pride which helps to reduce anger.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”pride″]


Primary Emotion: Dignity / Scorn
Process / Action: Inflation
Life View: Demanding. This is a pattern of energy that enables people to begin to “value” themselves and begin to be “aware” that they can accomplish things. Pride is a dualistic emotion as it can drive people forward into higher energies “or” bring them down due to an inflated view of themselves. Often people remain in this pattern for life due to the mistake of not having a balance in other ways. Example: A military member is successful in basic training due to discipline and goes off to war and learn how to kill the enemy. They take great pride in following orders by their superior officers and become decorated. The emotion of Pride becomes too strong and they feel as if killing the enemy is a worthy endeavor. Truth is that killing anyone or anything is not beneficial to the advancement towards love and forgiveness which are extremely high energies.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”apathy″]


Primary Emotion: Despair
Process / Action: Abdiction
Life View: Hopelessness / helplessness. Despair can be caused by many things. Chemical imbalances, PTSD, trauma and more. Despair leads to unhappiness and neediness and can lead to suicide. Most people in this state are not healthy and have many illnesses. Many people consumed by Apathy rely on others to care for them. The GOAL is to learn to begin to understand that your view of your self needs to change. Often these people require help to find something they like about themselves and focus on that and rise to a higher level of awareness. Often it takes something miraculous to break free from this state.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”fear″]


Primary Emotion: Anxiety
Process / Action: Withdrawal
Life View: Frightening. This level, as will all Lower Levels, leads to unhappiness and most people in this state are not typically healthy. Still fear has more energy than Grief and can help a person. Fear of danger is actually healthy. Unrealistic fear can be paralyzing and has a hold on millions of people. They are “stuck” in this state and literally afraid to act on new things and explore new ideas and experiences due to the FEAR of it not working out. This is why people trapped in fear withdraw from new things. Fear is a higher energy than that of shame, grief or guilt, but still can prevent people from advancing and opening their mind. Fear is the tool of control for oppressive totalitarianism regimes.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”grief″]


Primary Emotion: Regret
Process / Action: Despondency
Life View: Tragic. This level, as will all Lower Levels,  leads to unhappiness and most people in this state are not healthy. Grief and regret are powerful negative energies that take hold of the mind and can remain for decades. Just as when a parent loses a child, they can go into a state of Grief for many years, always searching for the “why” rather than coming to terms with the loss and “accepting” that some things are beyond our control. Chronic morning traps a person in this state. Surrendering “loss” to God is the fastest way to advance out of this state and move beyond this level of suffering. When in grief one sees sadness everywhere and makes it difficult to see anything beautiful about life or the world. The loss of a loved one does not mean loss of “love” itself.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”reason″]


Primary Emotion: Understanding
Process / Action: Abstraction
Life View: Meaningful. This is the level of the great thinkers, musicians, authors inventors and philosophers. Some have spiritual beliefs others do not. Einstein was at this higher level. The level is significant genius. Those who lack the spiritual will at this level rarely move beyond it. Still, reason is a very powerful level to live with. Reason is what enables the person to “be open” to the non-linear domain and world of math, energy and vibrations such as the chakra systems. These people know things instinctively. Few people in the world ever manage to rise above this level and when they do, like Mother Teresa, they are often attacked by negative forces. If you read about Mother Teresa she spoke of her constant battle against dark forces and negative energies. The next energy pattern above Reason is that of LOVE and requires amazing fortitude.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”love″]


Primary Emotion: Reverence
Process / Action: Revelation
Life View: Benign. Peaceful. This energy level is complete and requires nothing from the world of form. The energy is so powerful that the person doesn’t require anything to be happy or healthy. They typically don’t eat much as the system doesn’t require it. Nutrition is no longer required as the body functions from the energy field. They are always polite and generous and are happy to help people and find joy in the simple things. To be in a state of unconditional Love at all times is very rare and like Monks and Guru’s requires no adulation or flattery. These people exist in quiet spaces and pray of all of mankind. Their energy lifts up the entire world and helps to counterbalance the more “common” low energies. Some individuals have been killed for being in this state like Martin Luther King.
[/dropdown-content] [dropdown-content value=”joy″]

The Current Healthcare System

The system of care in United States has gone from education & application (in the 1960’s) to “treat for profit” at all costs. People see it and are waking up and want change. Unfortunately, the system is so big that it cannot change because the entire model is about expensive machinery and prescription drugs. These machines were created to make you believe you need them, and you need the physicians and staff to operate the machines. The cost of treatment went up and continues to go up every year. How long will it take until you say enough? 
Look how far we’ve come….machines delivering radiation that actually prevent the immune system from functioning. Unnecessary surgeries that cause more problems than they prevent. Mammograms blast toxic radiation into the sensitive breast tissue of woman increasing their risk of cancer by 35%. When was the last time your physician spoke to you about your diet rather than “Statin drugs” when you have high Cholesterol?  


You can insulate yourself from the system and be responsible for your own health and save enormous amounts of money in the process. The biggest mistake is that people think, “insurance pays for it”, so I don’t mind. This was designed specifically (like a sale) to suck you in and blind you from the reality. You are still paying for your Insurance monthly rather than taking control of your own health and that is draining your health and bank account.

Example 1

When you get an X Ray, the radiation disrupts your natural flow of electrical and chemical balance and can stay in your system for months after.

Example 2

When you are put under anesthesia, afterwards, your body cannot digest dairy, so what does the hospital give you? Yogurt in bed during recovery. They don’t get it. You become constipated and then they give you pills for that and bill you for them!

Self Healing – Get Involved With Your Health

Self Healing, and being healthy requires you to be involved in your health. Take the steps to LEARN about your body and WORK to heal it naturally which it can do, when you REMOVE the condition that is preventing it from healing. Ninety five percent (95%) of all illness can be healed naturally with knowledge and discipline. Ahh but this is the problem, too many people want a quick fix, they want to take a pill to change the body and this is the mistake!

Your Body is Designed For Self Healing

The human body is biologically and divinely inspired to self heal on its own. We have already proven this with thousands of clients at azWHOLEistic. For many years we have been helping people understand and use natural plant-based supplements to get off Rx drugs with great success. We were the first all CBD Studio in Arizona and have helped over 65,000 people understand the many benefits of Natural Cannabinoids.

Unfortunately, now CBD and Cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar business.   They are using the same pesticides on these plants that they used on the food supply. The toxins and impurities are entering the plants. States like Carolina and Kentucky have passed laws to use specific pesticides on these natural plants that DO NOT require pesticides.

azWHOLEistic’s Self Healing Curriculum is our follow up plan to teach people about the many methods of creating balance in their daily life.



You just need to learn and apply the simple steps to get back to basics and back to nature. Since the business world began changing nature over 100 years ago, we have slowly stopped the body from doing what it is designed to do. What you will learn here, is that your “intention” will actually change the way your body produces chemicals. For 40 years I have been paying attention to this and applying specific methods of healing to people with much success. Each person will find their way then they are ready. If you read this page and leave, then you are not ready. No judgement…just keep trying. If you say I KNOW this is true and I want to learn more…we look forward to helping you.

azWHOLEistic’s Self Healing Course


The Basics of Biology and Self Healing

A complete understanding of your body, and brain, and what makes up the connection to your mind. Mind is outside your brain and connects each of us to the Field of Consciousness. Fields control everything in the universe including your cells. Your cells vibrate and are always being influenced by these fields.

Your emotional state dictates the chemicals your brain secretes and how your body expresses genes. Genes will actually turn on and off depending on your emotional state (what you watch on TV / Internet, what music you listen too etc) and this has a direct effect on your cells, mood, appetite and sleep patterns.

This is the beginning of understanding how you operate and once you learn how your cells function, and what influences them in a positive or negative manner, (including your ego’s involvement) you will begin to understand how your cells/genes change with your thoughts. You cannot grasp higher levels on this site without a clear understanding of this section first. This is the beginning of Self Healing.


Baking Soda was used for just about everything in the early 1900’s before advertising began to sell other chemical products to the masses. In fact, there is no reason to expose your body to any chemicals when you have access to Baking Soda.

Uses For Baking Soda

  • Insect bites and stings
  • Filters the blood, liver and kidneys
  • Improves kidney function
  • Reduces bloating and gastrointestinal issues
  • Acts as a natural antacid
  • Relieves canker sores
  • Helps treat yeast infections
  • Kills fungi, mildew, mold and combats parasites
  • Helps to sooth sore throats
  • Balances PH and relieves gout and acid conditions
  • Helps treat UTI’s
  • Minimalizes Migraines
  • Soothes sore teeth and gums
  • Makes a skunk deodorizer
  • Use as a cleansing / healing natural pet bath – for gums too
  • Soothes sunburns and relieved rashes
  • Natural deodorant and natural foot bath
  • Spot treatment for acne and natural face cleanser
  • Natural toenail fungus remediator
  • Whitens teeth
  • Natural mouth wash and cavity fighting agent
  • Eliminates bad breath and removes plaque from teeth
  • Natural makeup removed
  • Remedies chlorinated swimmer’s hair


Understanding The Coronavirus

Coronavirus Is An Antigen

Coronavirus, like anything that causes an immune response is an antigen. Antigens may be harmless like grass or pollen or harmful such as the Flu Virus. Disease causing antigens are called Pathogens. The immune system is designed to protect the body from pathogens.

The Immune System

In humans, the immune system begins to develop in the embryo. The immune system starts with hematopoietic (from Greek, “blood making”) stem cells. These stem cells differentiate into the major players in the immune system (granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphocytes). These stems cells also differentiate into cells in the blood that are not involved in immune function, such as erythrocytes (red blood cells) and megakaryocytes (for blood clotting). Stem cells continue to be produced and differentiate throughout your lifetime.

The main parts of the immune system are: white blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow. When the body senses foreign substances (called antigens), the immune system works to recognize the antigens and get rid of them. B lymphocytes are triggered to make antibodies. These specialized proteins lock onto specific antigens. The antibodies stay in a person’s body.

The immune system can be viewed as a system controlled by negative feedback. The central component of the system is the lymphatic tissues, which include mature thymic lymphocytes ( T cells ) that have matured through development in the thymus and mature B lymphocytes that have matured in the bone marrow.


Symptoms of Coronavirus nCoV – Covid 19


How To Strengthen Your Immune System

The Coronavirus and other pathogens are quickly evolving and can cause serious health issues especially for people with weak Immune Systems.

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system
1. Don’t smoke.
2. Eat a diet high in natural fruits and vegetables.
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Maintain a healthy weight.
5. Don’t drink alcohol, if you must, drink only in moderation.
6. Get adequate sleep.
7. Reduce your exposure to EMF stress and 5G connected devices.
8. Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.

How Your Body Fights The Coronavirus

The way your body fights the coronavirus is it makes proteins called antibodies that destroy abnormal or foreign cells. They help fend off common ailments like the flu or a cold and protect you against major illnesses like coronavirus, cancer or heart disease. You also have a backup response known as the “cell-mediated immune system”.


The key primary lymphoid organs of the immune system are the thymus and bone marrow, and secondary lymphatic tissues such as spleen, tonsils, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, adenoids, and skin and liver. If you think citrus fruits have the most vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable, think again. Ounce for ounce, red bell peppers contain twice as much vitamin C as citrus. They’re also a rich source of beta carotene which is a known antioxidant. Besides boosting your immune system, vitamin C helps maintain healthy skin.


Stress is anything that causes an emotional response that impedes the immune system. Stress has been proven to negatively affect the immune system and suppresses the Thymus gland. This response can have a long-lasting effect to the human protoplasm, so it is wise to manage stress daily. Meditation has shown to reduce the negative effects of stress on the body and mind by raising the levels of hormones and endorphins that stimulate the immune system.


Media is the influencer of all things in the world we live in. It is useful to understand that the news in ALL its varied expressions is pre-determined. The media groups who create the news have pre-determined the content they are airing and many times it is not accurate or even truthful. It is typically trivial and not of value to benefit your life. It is vital to steer clear of negative news, social media, reality TV programming as they will not benefit your life or your quest to be healthy.


Nutrition is helpful but ENERGY is more powerful than nutrition. This is why we teach that you cannot overcome serious illness without engaging the spirit. The spiritual will is extremely powerful, and can overcome the benefits of nutrition. The human protoplasm requires very little to operate.

Americans especially consume 70% more calories than they require to be healthy. Caloric restriction is a way to stimulate the immune system like fasting, it resets the stem cells and kicks them into high gear. Toxins are found in many food products that contribute to cellular breakdown.


Plant Based Health and The Media

A simple plant-based lifestyle with 1200 calories per day is all that is required. 90% of all the food found in grocery stores is not necessary and 90% of the 90% should not even be consumed. Television in the 60’s trained people to buy things for taste.

These ads programmed viewers to believe certain foods are fun. That you are not part of the crowd or “fun” if you don’t consume them. Example: Beer. Every commercial you see puts forth the notion that it is cool to drink. The fact is that alcohol causes oxydative stress and breaks down the immune system. For anyone that has any type of serious illness, you should not consume alcohol…ever!


There is more than enough historical, medical and scientific data to support the fact that Animal products do not belong in the human body. Dairy, Cheese, processed and even organic meats contain molecules that increase inflammation in the body.

If you are ill, and want to get well, you need to become discipline enough to turn your nose up to the conventional dietary intake of meats and dairy. The link below goes into detail on just one of these inflammatory molecules and how it disrupts how the body deals with genes.

N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid







⦁ Respect Until You Can Verify…impressions are emotional – opinions are subject to verification
⦁ Dedication To Truth – Emotionality has inclinations to want the story to be accurate = Ego
⦁ Self-Awareness – The commitment to continually work to expand your knowledge
⦁ Accountability – be responsible for your choices
⦁ Simplifying Your Life – The less distractions in your life the easier to become aligned
⦁ Having a Sense of Purpose – Focus on a direction that helps others or serves the world
⦁ Lovingness – Having value for all things, understanding the power & context of love
⦁ Overcoming The Darkness – hatred is infectious, it is vital to steer away from hate / evil in all its expressions. Horror movies, death, destruction etc. This energy is powerful and can consume people for life…never able to remove themselves from this negative energy and constantly bringing them down and keeping them chained to misery.



People who are not aligned with the Infinite field have trouble opening their mind. The mind is comfortable with its programmed belief systems – most minds are unaware that they are programmed.

These people lack the ability to change. They are simply stuck through no fault of what they have done. This is a vital lesson to learn to begin to self-heal.


Sentimentality is nothing more than glorified emotionalism. The ego wants to convince you that if you become emotional about something, (like a cancer walk) then you are doing good or feeling compassion…Not true. Compassion is a very different energy. Emotionalism is unhealthy because it keeps you trapped in that emotion and keeps feeding on itself for the juice / payoff like in political marches.

It takes a lot of practice to separate yourself from the world of glorified emotionalism. It traps millions into thinking they are doing good when they are actually not changing anything. To change the world, you must first change yourself as opposed to “joining” the masses. The great quote is in fact great. Become the change you want to see in the world.



Spiritual truth is subjective – no one can experience what another person experiences as it is all unique to that person’s level of consciousness. Your karmic propensity is unique to you and your past lives if you have had any. Some have had none and are a new soul while others have had many and may even carry past life karma into this life. This explains how a nice loving person can have many bad things happen to them. It is not God punishing them, it is karma surfacing from actions done in the past, or from a past life that are attempting to be cleared in this life. So, this life here on Earth is the ultimate opportunity to undo negative actions/emotions from the past.

The great books of the Western world are of value for their understanding of truth and integrity. Johnson University teaches curriculum on these books. But this only takes you so far. You need to engage the spiritual will and surrender all things to God while doing your best to serve the world.


Integrity is where the power begins. The more aligned with integrity, the better your life and the more you gravitate to healing energy and emotions. The lower the level, the more likely you are to experience unhappiness and dis-ease. Simply by gravitating to the higher levels the body will begin to experience more healing even if you eat poorly. The energy is more powerful than the nutrition.


What can I do to help the world? – Just be the fulfillment of your greatest potential and the ESSENCE of spiritual growth is humility through the journey with a commitment to helping others in the process.

Skepticism and doubt have no place in the mind of a person who is committed to self-healing. We are not asking you to blindly believe. No, we are asking you to first understand how your cells function and then treat them appropriately.
Christ warned of the wolf in sheep’s clothing – How to know them…by their fruits ye shall know them


Kinesiology is a reaction (via the muscles) of the overall field. It is a calibration of Truth as there is no False there is only the lack of truth. No Polarity. You can like chocolate without hating vanilla. Polarity is very common in the world as it forces us to choose Black or White, Democrat or Republican etc….these are polar expressions and will tie you down to negative beliefs. To be healthy, you must free yourself from these ideas of polarity.

At azWHOLEistic our goal is to support the progression of consciousness in an effort to reduce human suffering.


Imagine for a moment that it is a well-known fact and has been proven that there is a heaven and a hell. Now reflect on this… if you do more bad things instead of good things in your life overall, you will suffer endlessly for all eternity in some type of place that is filled with misery. Knowing this to be true, would you in fact work to be sure you did not end up in a place like this? Would you work to seek goodness, and kindness for all living things? Would you be more respectful towards others and work each day to share love and kindness and help and not harm other living things?

Atheists and agnostic people have a hard time facing the reality of heaven or hell. Whether these places are a “physical” place, or an “energy condition” for your soul (your energy field) to go once your body is done, has not been proven…yet. But there is much evidence to support the theory.



Nonspiritual people lack the ability to understand Karmic Propensity. They are “stuck” in a low energy state many times through no fault of their own. Even highly intellectual people often lack any understanding of the spiritual will. Karmic Propensity puts forth the notion that everything you do and say while here on Earth will have karmic effects when you pass away. Karma is not reincarnation as some think. Karma is being responsible for all your actions.

The understanding of Karma lifts you up to a place where you become serious about taking responsibility for your actions. This includes what you seek to watch on your devices. This includes having opinions about politics and people of other races. There are many cultural differences, some you may like and some you may dislike, but there is only one race; the human race. People devoid of any spiritual understanding typically are less thoughtful of others. Spiritually evolved people think of others and are “considerate” of others and have no interest in watching horror movies.

Life flows as an energy and we are the antenna that are being influenced by this energy including attraction to images of horror. Your consciousness level will govern how you act and how you treat others. Our purpose is to expand your conscious mind to lift you up to a better more satisfying life.


Suffering is a choice, and you can move past it by understanding how energy vibrations work in your body and brain. Our curriculum will teach you. You will see these vibrational patters at work. They are all around us all the time. People who throw trash out their window, people who hunt animals for sport just to kill them have low energy levels and they exist much like the animal kingdom. Hunt, kill, control, endorphin rush etc. They just go on without any thought of others. The same holds true for egocentric and narcissistic people who only care for their own self-interests. Selfishness has become an epidemic especially since the internet and mobile devices began to proliferate.

This is a serious problem for the state of the planet as it has increased the “me” factor times a billion. Just look at how many people are staring blindly at their phone as if in a trance. They take selfies and are endlessly searching for images of Hollywood people and what they are wearing. It is no different than a drug addict who needs the next fix to be high. People DO NOT understand that they are literally addicted to the juice they get from the activity. The juice is the chemical endorphins that flood the brain and create an addiction to the activity no different than that of a gambling or sex addict.

This is the core of poor health in the human protoplasm. Everything is influencing your body, mind and immune system. Every video you watch and every emotion you experience has a control over your immune system. When you align yourself with Divinity your body changes the way it uses chemicals.



While CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and modulator for much of the bodies chemical balance, it doesn’t work for everyone and many people DO NOT need CBD. The body is both chemical and electrical which means that certain imbalances DO NOT allow the body to absorb CBD and other Phyto-Nutrients which renders it useless to pay for and consume.

The human biology is very complex, but there are several simple steps you can take to begin to get your body back into balance so that you can absorb CBD and other natural phyto-nutrients that stimulates the Immune System.

  1. Understand your body type, blood type and what that means for your daily food intake
  2. Eating the proper foods to stimulate the immune system for “your body type”
  3. Teach you how to monitor your PH and how this controls your metabolism and health
  4. Reducing stress and anxiety through proven methods of natural relaxation
  5. How to improve your self-image and stop believing that your hereditary matters…it does not.
  6. A personally tailored process of diet, exercise and stress management that encompasses the body, the mind and the spirit.

Self Healing Glossary


The study of knowledge


Focused on the world of form, used to sensationalism, social media, politics etc. Left brain.


The process of thinking.


Scientifically provable through science. The Linear domain is visible in the lab.


Not measurable through science. Not provable or un-provable, beyond measurements in the scientific realm. Exist in the infinite field. The universal energy that governs all things including our cells.


The power of consciousness utilized by the human condition and displayed through the virtue of what you have become. Phenomena occurs simply by being aligned with the positive fields.


Pomposity – always focused on the self, found excessively in business, politics and social media


The ability to find grace in ugly things and not judge them for their appearance.


Meaning behind the words – this is Subjective and contains energy – presence of God cannot be experienced through the brain. Dr. Matsimoto proved that words contain energy and effects water molecules.


Cannot be expressed by words – love etc. Governed by energy fields.


Devotion to the pathway to truth and the pathway to God through truth. Non Duality means we being free from the common Either Or – or This or That – and rise above the dualistic nature of the ego. The ego is primarily the animal kingdom. When you look at the animal kingdom it is human nature at its core. When an animal attacks or kills another animal, we understand it as natural – it is no different in the human expression for those who operate at a low level. They are not aware of what they do. One must rise above the animal brain which is active in all humans and move beyond the fight or flight. This can only be done through spiritual pursuit.


The Greatest Empire the world has ever seen – The Roman Empire petered out after thousands of years because it was not aligned with integrity.


The true nature of something.


Understands energy patterns, focused on solutions expanding knowledge etc. Right brain.


The part of your identity that you consider your “self.” This is the accumulation of your experiences both positive and negative and is highly susceptible to programming and manipulation. The human mind (by itself with no spiritual training or pursuit) is incapable from discerning truth from falsehood. As a result, the greatest threat to humanity is the distortion of truth.


Quantum Mechanics has proven that the collapse of the wave function begins to affect the entire “field” around it including consciousness. Everything you do affects the field.


Wants to accomplish, gain, control, only as strong as his/her level of consciousness, comes from the linear. Here you are working from the ego and “pushing” yourself toward what you think you need, what you think you want or are told to do.


Seeks integrity, comes from the non-linear domain, here you can accomplish much more because you are working from the spirit and the gravitation is “pulling” you toward that which you are becoming. It is the fundamental difference between Power and Force.


To let go of something, having acceptance so that you are not forcing something.


The “energy” of integrity and alignment with divinity (Truth) – potentiality becomes actuality when it is activated by the will and the individual’s intention along with appropriate conditions.


Having no belief in any spiritual foundation – unable to see, understand or except divinity.


Words and typical expressions of the world of form – this is Objective up to conscious scale of 499.


The learned knowledge understood by the mind.


you are unable to control your thoughts and actions, you are enslaved by something.


The programming that has powerful influence over the human mind. Lower levels have no choice but to agree with it – even though no thought has gone into whether it is positive or negative to them and certainly has not been verified as factual or aligned with truth.