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azWHOLEistic was founded on a key principal; “help people learn to become healthy using natural plant-based phyto-nutrients” to reduce stress, inflammation and minimize the need for prescription medications. The company was in planning by the founder in early 2012 and began with six months of work into a 3-day Internet Addiction class to help people suffering from Internet Addiction. EMF stress was proven to contribute to anxiety and few people were aware at this time. Having studied dozens of white papers by prominent neuroscientists it was clear this would become a problem.

Unfortunately, by 2013 people were still not ready to recognize the need, so John focused on educating people about the body, how it functions, and the positive changes by eating right, meditation and removing drama from one’s life. His second book “Finding Bliss in a Complex World” illustrated how a process of thought controls people’s choices and often, people are unaware of their power to change. Having studied for over two decades just about every book by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, Bruce Lipton PhD, Dr. David R Hawkins, PhD & Dr. Wayne Dyer, John saw obvious patterns in the the human condition and knew he could help people reduce suffering.

The unequivocal fact that you can change the way your cells function with the power of the mind (Focus & Intention) was clear to him after a serious of events. First as a bodybuilder re shaping his body, and having been diagnosed with bone on bone in both hips at just 40 years old, John was forced to make adjustments to his aggressive training and extreme sports. The hip pain forced him to the medical community to find answers.

Two prominent orthopedic surgeons told him he would not be walking at 50 if he did not have hip replacement in both hips. He thought this was extreme and knew instinctively that surgeons get paid to cut, and this was not the only choice. He had seen too many people end up worse after surgery, so he immediately stopped all ballistic activities and traded them for meditation.

Knowing that it takes discipline, time and energy, he immersed himself in visualization & meditation like he did while bodybuilding and by the 14th month the pain began to diminish. By year two there was no pain at all, and he went back to the surgeon to request another MRI which found the bone spurs were gone and the hips regenerating.

While consulting, an introduction was made about CBD and John was told it helps with pain. John knew about the benefits of Cannabis but had not heard about CBD extraction specifically with no THC. He spent 2 full days researching the molecule and knew he could apply all his previous studies along with CBD to help people and azWHOLEistic was born.

Since then, each day is filled with more research, training his staff, development of new natural products and sharing imperial data that his clients share with him from their experiences.


The goal is not to sell product. The primary goal is to educate people first and then make available to them the highest quality products to help support our customers health and well being. We don’t just sell CBD, we sell many plant based nutrients. John knew this would become mainstream. but rather than focusing on sales, John spent several months early on researching, and then vetting several laboratories before buying any products.

Being a businessman, he knew the only way to know what was “really” in the bottle was to test it. The testing began early on and has continued to this day. We conduct 3rd party tests to be sure the purity and potency is accurate. If it is not, we won’t sell it. “We must be sure that our product is superior to the rest. This along with an educational experience in the store as well as spending time with each client to “know” them and “understand their needs” makes us the leading choice”.

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