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getting started with cbd Inhalation

CBD & CBG Inhalation

When it comes to CBD and CBG inhalation, a cannabinoid is inhaled via a vapor or smoke into the lungs, it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.  The effects can be felt right away making this a great tool for quick results.  This is ideal for those seeking Calm from stress and anxiety or as an additional sleep aid.


Disposable CBD Pens

Our disposable CBD pens are the perfect all in one option.

  • 1/2 gram distillate with an attached battery.
  • Available in 250mg and 500mg.

CBD Cartridges

Our CBD cartridges can be used with a standard 510 thread battery of your choice.  They are also available here in the shop for purchase.

  • 1 gram distillate.
  • Ceramic coil.
  • Available in 500mg and 750mg.

CBD and CBG Hemp Flower

Our CBD and CBG hemp flower is the best way to experience the effects and full flavor of the hemp plant.  This is ideal for those seeking Calm and Relaxation of both mind and body.  Available CBD and CBG strains are shown below:


WHOLE 14g Premium CBD Hemp Flower - Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower

Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower is an indica dominant strain.  It contains flavorful notes of coffee and cacao.  Indica's are great for nighttime use.  Bubba Kush is favored for relaxation. 

  • Available in 7 gram & 14 gram.

Purple Lifter CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Lifter CBD hemp flower is a hybrid strain of Sativa and Indica.  Purple Lifter contains tasting notes of fruit, cheese, and diesel.  Purple Lifter is favored for focus and calm.

  • Available in 7 gram & 14 gram.
WHOLE 14g Premium CBG Hemp Flower - White CBG

White CBG Hemp Flower

White CBG hemp flower is a rich Sativa strain.  It is known for subtle hints of sweet cream, pepper, and lemon.  Sativa's are great for day and night use.  White CBG favored for calm, focus, and clarity.

  • Available in 7 gram & 14 gram.

Pre-rolled CBD and CBG Cones

Our Pre-rolled CBD and CBG Hemp Cones are a convenient way to take advantage of CBD and CBG hemp flower.  Pre-rolled in a vegan Elements cone for your convenience.

  • Available in Purple Lifter and White CBG