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getting started with cbd topicals

CBD Topical Products

CBD Topical products are used directly on the surface of the skin. Select a product based on the various “natural emollients” and dosage with or without menthol and then use as needed.

All our Topical Products are made with natural anti-fungal materials. Example: Arnica, Frankincense, Rose Hips, Jojoba, Camphor, Aloe, Cocoa butter, Shea butter and more. None of our topicals contain any nitrates, phosphates, stabilizers or emulsifiers as these chemicals do not belong “on” or “in” the body. YES, what you put on your skin does soak into the blood stream so choose who you buy CBD from wisely.

The average customer starts with a lower milligram strength to start,  and then can easily determine the relief and can increase the application as needed. Typical results from our client feedback is 2-3 hours of relief before needing to re-apply. Some people who are sensitive may get 6 hours of relief per application. Your body will tell you.