CBD Testing

CBD Testing is extremely important when it comes to purchasing CBD Products. To start, consumers deserve to get what they pay for. Additionally, and just as important, not getting what you “don’t want”.  For instance, we have clients who stop in on a regular basis that purchase CBD products for their children.  Could you imagine what would happen if the CBD oil actually contained THC?  It’s dangerous, and unfortunately it’s very common if you are not purchasing from a reputable re-seller who has taken the time and spent the money to test each product.

What’s In Your CBD?

Your CBD needs to be tested for purity and potency. 97% of all the products we have tested have come back from the lab low on potency. The potency is just one example, there are also purity issues from “unsanitary conditions”. If your CBD is made in a Garage ( yes this is more common than you think ) you are getting impurities in the material. CBD must be formulated in sanitary laboratory conditions. A recent undercover report (below) showed that only 3 products out of 13 had in it what was advertised.  Even scarier is what was in it that was not advertised or disclosed on labeling.

CBD Certificate of Analysis

We provide a range of lab testing results, known as “Certificates of Analysis” on our oils. We do this in order to be sure our lab partners are maintaining quality and purity standards.  We applaud the CBD Verify website because they are demonstrating how rare high-quality CBD products are.

Our view on CBD Lab Testing is listed below.

  • Only “domestic” organically grown Hemp within the USA.
  • Products must be tested and labels need to be standardized.
  • Only laboratory made materials from iso standard labs will do.
  • THC is plentiful in Cannabis, but we want to be the NO THC provider.
  • All Labels need to clearly display the ingredients & milligram strengths.
  • Cautions need to be on labels as each persons dose & results will vary.
  • There are no guaranteed results as each persons chemical makeup is unique.

Undercover CBD Lab Testing Report

(Bottle states 500 mg  but the test result says 142mg)
Failed CBD Lab Test

For more information on CBD Testing, visit CBD Verify’s website.  There you can see which CBD brands passed CBD Testing, and which ones failed testing miserably.