Plant Health R.E.M. 500mg – CBD For Sleep with CBG and CBN

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The wait is over!  Our specially formulated Plant Health R.E.M. 500mg – 500mg of Cannabinoids Total.  CBD For Sleep with CBG and CBN created to promote the healthy restful sleep you’ve been dreaming of.  With the addition of CBG, and CBN we’ve made our formula even more effective.  Take 1 hour before bed, and get ready for an undisturbed, full night’s rest.  You’ll wake up clear, focused and rejuvenated – ready to tackle the day.  As with any CBD product start low with your dose.  We suggest 5mg of this material as a starting dose for sleep or a 1/4 dropper.  Increase by a few drops each night until you find your dose.  If you feel a bit foggy in the morning – you took too much.  New studies indicate CBG may help with pain as much or more than CBD as well.

  • 500mg Cannabinoids /Bottle
  • 150mg CBD Distillate
  • 150mg CBG (Cannabigerol) /Bottle
  • 200mg of CBN (Cannabinol) /Bottle
  • All Natural CBD For Sleep
  • Lab Tested – Contained 654mg Total Cannabinoids Per Bottle
    • 163mg CBD
    • 291mg CBN
    • 200mg CBG
  • Specially Developed for Sleep
  • Downloadable Dose Card With Purchase

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Plant Health R.E.M. 500mg – CBD For Sleep with CBG and CBN



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