WHOLE 100mg CBD Bath Bomb – Lavender


Relax and unwind with our all natural CBD Bath Bomb with 100mg of CBD, which is enough potency to really help with aches and pains. Also great for that time of the month when woman can experience menstrual cramps and discomfort.

Our Bath Bombs are made with premium Isolate based CBD Hemp Extract at 100mg of CBD and are always THC free. We use natural therapeutic essential oils and the bombs are always color free and dye free.

  • 100mg CBD Per Bath Bomb
  • Light Natural Lavender
  • All Natural
  • CBD Isolate Based
  • CBD From Domestically Grown Organic Hemp Extract
  • No Artificial Sulfates, Phosphates, Nitrates, Stabilizers, or Emulsifiers
WHOLE 100mg CBD Bath Bomb – Lavender



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Hemp derived CBD is a natural phyto-nutrient that influences millions of G protein coupled receptors and nociceptive neurons in all mammals so it is exceedingly rare to cause side effects or harm. We at azWHOLEistic have posted many educational videos on CBD and other Cannabinoids to help people determine if they should supplement with these products.

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