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getting started with cbd oil

CBD Sublingual Oils

Because CBD is a lipid soluble (dissolves in oil), use of carrier oils allow for greater bioavailablity and efficacy.  Absorbed quickly into the bloodstream via blood vessels and mucous membranes. CBD Oils and Tinctures allow for flexible dosing and titration so you can find the proper dose unique to you.  CBD oil effects can be felt within 15 minutes of taking the oil.

CBD Carrier Oils

CBD carrier oils are essential for CBD oil sublingual use.  CBD dissolves in carrier oils and our bodies quickly absorb that oil and put it to work.  We use three different types of CBD carrier oils, each with their own added health benefits!  They are listed below:


MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride)

  • Quickly absorbed and metabolized.
  • Increases energy within the brain and body.
  • Boosts metabolism - reduces appetite - gives feelings of fullness.
  • Flavor free.

Grapeseed Oil

  • Rich in Omega-6, Vitamin E, and Linoleic Acid.
  • Antioxidant - protects against free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Anti-inflammatory - aids in chronic inflammation.
  • Light flavor profile.  Similar to sunflower seeds.

Hemp Seed Oil

  • Nutrient rich with Omega-3, Omega-6, amino acids, and Linoleic acid.
  • Anti-Inflammatory - aids with chronic inflammation.
  • Promotes heart health.
  • Earthy, grassy flavor.


Pure CBD and CBG Isolates

Our pure CBD and CBG Isolates are suspended in MCT oil for quick absorbtion and metabolization.  Ideal for people seeking specific cannabinoid profiles.  Flavor free, and THC free.


Premium CBD and CBG Isolates

azWHOLEistic's Premium CBD and CBG Isolates are suspended in MCT oil for quick absorbtion and metabolization.  Created to offer a targeted effect for the most common areas of concern.


Broad Spectrum CBD Oils

At azWHOLEistic we carry a wide range of Broad Spectrum Oils.  These are distillate oils that are rich in CBD, a variety of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds which allow for the Entourage effect.  Perfect for those that want the effect of whole plant CBD without the THC.


Full Spectrum CBD Oils

One of azWHOLEistic's top sellers is our Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  This is a distillate oil that is rich in CBD, trace THC (.3%), a variety of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds.  Most therapeutic as it has full access to the ECS (Endocannabinoid System).  Perfect for those who want a whole plant CBD entourage effect.