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Trillions of Viruses Fall From The Sky Each Day

Trillions of Viruses Fall From The Sky Each Day

Scientists have surmised there is a stream of viruses circling the planet, above the planet’s weather systems but below the level of airline travel. Very little is known about this realm, and that’s why the number of deposited viruses stunned the team in Spain. Each day, they calculated, some 800 million viruses cascade onto every […]

Kratom Is Not CBD…Think Twice Before You Use It

Kratom Is Not CBD - Kratom Is Bad

FDA orders recall of salmonella-tainted herbal supplement. Here at azWHOLEistic we’ve have had many clients come in seeking to detox from Kratom. CBD has helped many people reduce their addiction to this herbal supplement. The KEY is to be cautious with the source and ingredients of the product. A Las Vegas company was ordered to pull its […]

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