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azWHOLEistic Trademarks The New Combined Cannabinoid

CBG-and-CBN = CBG Cannabigerinol

I believe that the combination of these two Natural Cannabinoids will create an optimal relaxing supplement that shall be named “Cannabigerinol”. CBGN will be a safe and effective material to help people sleep instead of risky Pharmaceuticals that typically cause side effects. It is with great anticipation that we officially Trademark the new and first […]

Cholesterol Found To Play A Role In Alzheimer’s

Cholesterol Found To Play A Role In Alzheimer's

A new study, led by researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, concludes that cholesterol may play a significant role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Cholesterol builds up and can clog in arteries, but it may play a role in Alzheimer’s, as well. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that can build up on […]