Synthetic CBD is Coming

Synthetic CBD - Professor Raphael Mechoulam

By now most people have heard of Cannabidiol otherwise known as CBD. Many of us in the industry have been concerned with the FDA taking steps to remove this 100% natural material from direct over the counter sales and migrating it to Prescription only. They have claimed that they are considering potency guidelines for over the counter.

The FDA has been very outspoken over the last three years about the molecule stating that it is not understood, hasn’t been studied long enough and can be unsafe. This has not stopped them from fast tracking the approval for a drug made with Cannabidiol patented by GW Pharmaceuticals. We agree that the firms making low grade CBD filled with unnecessary chemicals or additives are only fueling the FDA’s quest and they need to be addressed.

For those who have experienced the results directly, they know better. The ability for Cannabinoids including but not limited to CBD, to influence the entire immune system is well known, and those in the lab who have studied its effects also know better. 

Big Pharma may have it’s golden goose in the Godfather of CBD. Dr. Rafael Mechoulam who was on the team that discovered the human endo-cannabinoid system over two decades ago and who has just unveiled a way to synthesize the “unstable acids” in Cannabis and convert them into powerful “stable acids”. Dr  Mechoulam claims that the potency of these acids are much more powerful than the current molecules.

For us who have seen the results on the ground by direct empirical data, we know that it is possible to overload the receptors with too high a dose. Still this man knows more than most people as he has been studying this molecule for decades, so we hope he does the right thing and leaves the molecule unaltered and unchanged from its natural state. Below is a link to the FULL STORY regarding this new science of Cannabinoid research.

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