Why Does CBD Turn Pink?


Why Does CBD Change Color?

Here at azWHOLEistic we often get asked “Why does my CBD turn pink?” The reason is not typically what you might think.

CBD Carrier Oil

The carrier oil is very important. Many clients call the store to report that their cbd oil has changed color and they mistakenly think it has gone bad. The truth is this is not necessarily a bad thing when natural cbd oils change color. It is called steeping. Just like with tea, you put a tea bag in the water, and the longer it’s in there the darker it gets. With that said, let’s explore how and why this happens.

Steeping CBD Oil

When it comes to steeping cbd oil, it turns pink when the polyphenol oxidase enzyme in the MCT cbd oil is exposed to light and oxygen. Think of it as an apple that you cut open. If you leave it out for a while it turns brown. When your cbd cbd oil turns pink it is proof that your MCT cbd oil is of the highest quality. Low-grade MCT oil doesn’t change color, but can go bad faster and begin to smell over time. Typically quality cbd products without any fillers will have a 12-month shelf life. To prevent this steeping effect simply store your cbd oil in a cool dark area, or store in the refrigerator.

CBD Oil Carrier Variations

The variations are also important to be aware of. There are many different carrier oils that is what we refer to as the suspension.

There is the MCT oil , or medium chain triglyceride. This is just a fractionalized coconut oil which is a good carrier into the bloodstream. There’s also grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, and there’s also olive oil. Some people use olive oil to carry the cbd.

MCT and grape seed are pretty clear. Olive oil has a slight golden color, and of course the hemp seed oil is a golden brown, and a little darker than the olive oil. Bear in mind, we’ve said this a hundred times – hemp seed oil is cold pressed from the hemp seeds and has no cbd, but it is a good carrier oil.

Also, the more concentrated the cbd the darker the color. 250 milligrams of an isolate based cbd will be very light while 3,000 milligram potency in the same size bottle will be a little bit darker. If you buy a bottle of 300 milligram cbd and it’s clear, and then you have to up your dose and go back to the store to buy a 3,000 milligram bottle it will be a slightly different color.

The extraction process can have an effect on the cbd oils color as well but that’s for another article, we won’t go into too much detail here. The extraction process has gotten more sophisticated over the years and they do make quite a bit of difference with regard to what’s left in the material.


In conclusion, cbd is suspended in oils to help increase the absorption into the bloodstream. With MCT oil, the pink hue is a natural result of an enzyme in the MCT called polyphenol oxidase and it is reacting to light and oxygen. This reaction does not alter your cbd potency. This means the MCT oil in your cbd is of the highest quality. When you cut into an apple and leave it out, the middle turns brown. It’s the same natural effect. There is no reason to be concerned with your MCT or your cbd turning slightly pink.

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